Corvette Cruisers of Atlanta

Mission Statement

The Corvette Cruisers of Atlanta, Inc. is a club of dedicated Corvette enthusiasts who take pride in their cars and a supportive role in their community.

As a responsible and dedicated Corvette club, we will maintain a 100% individual membership in the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) and our Club membership with the National Corvette Museum.

We will seek to identify individuals in need, or charitable organizations that we can help through our fund raising efforts. We will approach businesses for sponsorship and contributions in our efforts to help people that are less fortunate.

Our members are the driving force of our success in our goal to help others. It is this mission that defines us as individuals who have the strength of character to make a difference in their community.

As a club we extend to all of our members the principles of family, friendship, trust and respect. It is the desire of our members to find opportunities that allow us to reach our personal goals through our active participation within the club’s activities.

It is through this participation and working as a team, towards a common goal, that the members have the opportunity to give back to their community and form lasting friendships.

Our efforts in pursuit of this mission will clearly increase our social activities, while celebrating our love for our Corvettes and experiencing the satisfaction that comes from helping those in need.

The journey is the fun part that we all get to share with one another through fund raising events featuring the Corvette as the centerpiece of the activity.

It is through the coordination of events and our mission, that we will achieve our goal to help others. It is these shared events that will be fun and rewarding for the members.


Vision Statement

The vision of the Corvette Cruisers of Atlanta, Inc. is to promote interest and respect for the Corvette as the finest American made sports car.

This appreciation we have for our Corvettes is demonstrated by our dedication and willingness to answer questions that a stranger may have about the Corvette. Our pride is clearly seen since we have no reservation about recommending the Corvette or giving guidance to a person that is considering a purchase.

Being true car enthusiasts we have an appreciation and respect for owners of Corvettes that have a collection, or have restored or customized, their Corvette. We clearly understand the work and money that has gone into the person’s efforts and admire their dedication to their pursuits.

We are dedicated supporters of the Corvette culture and way of life and we join others in their admiration and celebration of the Corvette brand. We seek to have others join us in this pursuit by becoming a member of our club and active participants. We also seek to participate in other Corvette club’s events and encourage them to participate in our events.

We gladly welcome others to our club who share the same mission and vision goals, as defined. We will extend to them our friendship, help and support in our mutual efforts to further the club.

The foundation of our club is its members. The officers serve as facilitators to the club efforts to achieve the objectives of the club. The vision for every member is to contribute as much time as they personally can to assure the success of the club’s goals. The strength of the club is in the contribution of the individual member participating in a team dedicated to the mission objectives of the club.

The Corvette Cruisers of Atlanta, Inc. belongs to its members. Achieving success of the club’s goals is directly related to the member’s ability and willingness to participate in achieving those goals.