Corvette Cruisers of Atlanta is proud to announce that we will be supporting  two new charities in 2023 with our Corvettes for a Cause Corvette and Camaro Show!

The Next Stop Foundation, Inc.

When adults with special needs age out of school at 22 years old, their life changes.  No more consistent peer group, meaningful days or teachers to mentor them.   Unfilled days often result in loneliness, depression and regression of the social & cognitive skills developed through the school years.  The Next Stop was founded to address these issues and has been serving adults with special needs since 2007.

Meeting three afternoons a week from 1:00 - 5:00, our members are a part of a stimulating, social environment that offers opportunities to "grow" or at least maintain skills.  Each afternoon's schedule includes an unstructured, but supported social interaction time, a group cooking experience, a recreational activity and an enrichment opportunity through games, presentations, projects, special visitors, etc.   All programming is designed to be goal oriented and adapted for individual success.

The Next Stop makes it possible for adults with special needs to be a part of a social community and experience meaningful, productive time together as well as enjoy opportunities and experiences that can enrich and expand their lives.

Vicki LaRoche, Executive Director
The Next Stop Foundation, Inc.

Beyond the Ribbon Inc.

Beyond the Ribbon was established in 2017 by a group of cancer survivors and caregivers, to do our part to alleviate some lifelong emotional, physical, and financial stressors that patients face. At the beginning of a cancer journey, stressors are especially impactful, but many do not realize that a cancer diagnosis and treatments may have lifelong effects. Some other programs provide support to patients as they undergo surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and/or other initial treatments. Our programs support patients as they navigate their decisions and feelings of initial treatments, and as they transition into their post-cancer “new normal” and beyond.


Although financial challenges are common to cancer patients, it is especially disconcerting for those faced with making choices to pay household bills, rent, medical bills or provide food for their family. Without assistance, some patients go without necessities such as proper nourishment, shelter, prescriptions, and medical care. Our Jane’s Closet program addresses these needs by the short-term provision of non-perishable food, gift cards, gas cards or financial support so patients do not have to make difficult decisions about their family’s livelihood.


We also host Back to School bags for our cancer families, Survivor Spa Days and we adopt families for Christmas. In 2022 was our biggest year to date! We were able to adopt 28 families, 47 children and feeding 91 individuals!


We go beyond to support patients throughout their lifelong journey. Our firsthand experience as survivors and caregivers allows us to provide personal insight, resources, and relatable support. 


Bobbie Menneg
 2100 Riverside Parkway, Suite 128 #190 Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043 (404) 274-2024 We are a group of Corvette enthusiasts who love to give back to our community. We always have been and we always will be!

We are a group of Corvette enthusiasts who love to give back to our community. 

We always have been and we always will be!